& Demolition

Much of the work that we undertake at Red Leaf Group is centred around the construction and demolition sector and we are proud to have positive working relationships with some of the largest construction firms in the country, as well as many independent and family run companies.

We have worked on varied projects, from large-scale infrastructure works and developments with multiple contractors on site to small jobs for private businesses. It is our goal to continually build new connections in this area and bring valuable, innovative solutions to our clients’ projects. We are also experienced principal contractors and are happy to provide our range of construction and engineering services with a full turnkey package to businesses and local and national authorities.

At Red Leaf Group, we use our expertise in steel and concreting works to deliver a wealth of services to this sector, from skilled temporary works solutions to the installation of concrete floors, haul roads and modular concrete structures. Our team is experienced in the construction of steel framed buildings, multi-storey car parks and modular steel bridges. We offer standalone services or a complete turnkey package for construction projects to suit your requirements. For a detailed list of the works that we can help you with, please take a look at our Services section.

For all our construction and demolition works, we have the skilled operatives, up-to-date plant and equipment, plus an experienced management team to ensure efficiency and consistent, quality results. We keenly appreciate the importance of exemplary Health and Safety standards and of coming in on budget and to programme. At Red Leaf Group, we also have the resources to provide accompanying services that will ensure the efficiency of your project such as design work and structural calculations, project management, lifting and shifting, transport and disposal.

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& Renewables

Red Leaf Group has had strong connections with the recycling and renewable energies industries since the company’s inception and has a deep understanding of the needs and challenges that are involved. Our experience is diverse, completing projects for private and public businesses, and local authorities across both sectors, including composting and waste management sites, on and offshore wind farms, and biomass plants, to name a few. 

The scope of services that Red Leaf Group offers can be of particular benefit to organisations in these sectors. With the recycling and renewable energies industries rapidly developing, the ability for sites to expand their infrastructure and equipment is key and we can provide construction and engineering expertise and innovative solutions specifically tailored towards this environment. From the construction of steel framed buildings to the installation of concrete pads and haul roads, we can deliver a range of temporary and permanent options to improve any site. We have an appreciation of the unique needs of these industries and how to deliver solutions for them, whether that’s in constructing robust material storage bays and effective fire break walls or fabricating steel towers for turbine drill exercises. Our experience with fixed plant and heavy machinery also means that we can offer complete decommissioning and installation services. For more information on the projects we can help you with, please take a look at our Services section.

At Red Leaf Group, we have the values and resources to provide our clients in the recycling and renewable energies sectors with the service they need. We offer a fast response, competitive pricing and excellent health and safety standards. For every project, we can deliver a complete package of works with project management and additional services taken care of under one roof.

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At Red Leaf Group, we are proud to work for some of the leading manufacturing companies in the UK. Our construction and engineering services are valued by clients across the automotive, aerospace, food packaging, chemical & pharmaceutical and machinery manufacturing sectors. In a time when the manufacturing industry is embracing new technologies and adapting to suit changing demands and markets, Red Leaf Group’s blend of services and innovative approach can be particularly beneficial. Whether our clients are requiring expansion of their sites, revision of factory layouts or installation of new equipment and infrastructure, we have the knowledge and resources to offer flexible and efficient solutions.

Our skilled team can deliver a complete service for the decommissioning and removal of any machinery, production lines and plant, from project management and full risk assessments to dismantling and decontamination. We are equally adept at new installations and recommissioning. Our ethos at Red Leaf Group is always to provide our clients with the additional services that promote the efficiency of their project; this is true of our works for the manufacturing sector where we have been able to offer concreting and floor preparations, construction of heavy-duty foundations and bespoke steel frame fabrications, to name a few. We also take care of all lifting, shifting, transport and disposal. For more details on the work we can do for you, please take a look at our Services section.

At Red Leaf Group, we pride ourselves on being a progressive company, adaptive to the needs of our clients. We are experienced in working within the manufacturing sector and understand the considerations involved; limiting disruption to production and impact on the business is key with any works we undertake. We implement detailed, accurate programmes, ensure that our staff have the most up to date training and that our health and safety procedures are of the highest standard.

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Marine & Dockside

Red Leaf Group has longstanding relationships within the commercial marine industry, gaining a deep understanding of the unique demands on dockside infrastructures, buildings and equipment. To our commercial port and harbour authority clients and a selection of businesses with waterfront facilities such as off-shore wind farm companies, we provide a comprehensive construction, maintenance and repair service. We are able to use our engineering experience and specialised equipment to benefit varied projects in this demanding environment, whilst consistently providing a service that can be relied upon.

We can tailor our general steel and concrete construction services, such as the design and installation of steel frame buildings, modular concrete structures and implementation of temporary works, for the best results in this unique setting. For the installation of new docking and mooring equipment, such as mooring bollards, on-shore fenders and pontoons, we can confidently design and construct secure foundations to exact specifications. Our innovative methods and use of materials can also be of particular advantage in situations where existing items may benefit from modifications to offer continued use and efficiency.

Reliable, effective repair work is especially critical in this environment. The potential damage to docks by impact and heavy traffic can have a catastrophic effect on port and business operations. In these circumstances a company such as ourselves who can provide a fast-response solution is essential. We offer a complete repair consultancy service, from assessment to design and full implementation of the most cost-effective, safety-focused strategy. For more information on the works that we can provide, please take a look at our Services section.

Whatever the project, Red Leaf Group has the experience, resources and innovation to deliver successful results in the marine and dockside sector. We have a flexible approach and seek to find solutions to fit your requirements, time constraints and budget.

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