Red Leaf Ground Screws

Red Leaf Ground Screws supply and install ground screw foundations in a number of lengths, diameters and with a huge range of universal attachments and fittings to suit a multitude of applications.  At Red Leaf Ground Screws we only supply and install the RADIX range of ground screw foundations – the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier.

Installed all year round, in any weather with no mess and no fuss, on uneven ground and hard to access areas, ground screws are perfect for a huge range of commercial projects and applications.

Professional Ground Screw Range


The RDX PRO Ground Screw range is offered in a range of diameters, lengths and with a choice of flanges or open screws. Our Ground Screws are galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461 for improved long-lasting protection and increased life expectancy.

RDX PRO Applications:  Steel Frame Structures, Modular Construction, Garden Studios, Solar Panels, Telecommunications

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Red Leaf Ground Screws


The RDX ADV Ground Screw range of UK products is manufactured under EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management and finished in accordance with EN ISO 1461:2009, offering an increased lifespan and significant load-bearing capacities capable of supporting projects of all scales and can be tailored to bespoke applications across all sectors. Engineers certificates and documentation available on request.
RDX ADV Applications: Social Housing, Modular Construction, Log Cabins, Telecommunications, Public Sector.

Our ground screws are capable of supporting point loads in excess of 75kN and are able to withstand considerable vertical and horizontal forces.

Independent testing and verification documents are available on request.

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Advanced Ground Screw Range