Red Leaf Group is an innovative engineering and construction company, employing a multi-discipline approach to provide complete solutions for our clients’ needs. Our expertise is centred around the fabrication, handling and installation of bespoke steelwork and industrial concreting works, skills which we use throughout a range of services.

Red Leaf Group Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer specialist solutions, combined with additional services, that ensure your project is efficient, successful and started and completed on time. We thrive on undertaking challenging works and pride ourselves on being problem-solvers, with a wealth of expertise in overcoming the environmental, logistical and technical issues others may shy away from.

Working principally within the Construction & Demolition, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, and Marine sectors, we deliver our services with consistency and uncompromising quality to small private businesses through to large corporate companies, as well as local authorities and public sector clients. Our ambition is to grow and develop relationships with like-minded individuals, to benefit from shared experience and knowledge, ultimately working side by side to reach the end goal, whatever that might be.

What sets us apart

Red Leaf Group was created with our values at its core; “passion, innovation and responsibility” are what drive every aspect of the business. It has always been our objective to provide a unique service, one that can make the difference to our clients’ projects and to their businesses. This motivation and the ethos of the company is instilled throughout the workforce from the top down by our senior management who lead by example and share these core values.

At its heart, Red Leaf Group is a family run business. We are of a size which affords us the resources and corporate structure to undertake large-scale projects, while also retaining a connection and the ability to offer a flexible, tailored service with transparent communication throughout. Asking the right questions, listening to our clients’ requirements and, if needs be, providing novel strategies for the best outcome is integral to the service that Red Leaf offers. It is a service which we believe has led to the longstanding and productive professional relationships and friendships that we enjoy today.

The range of technical and physical resources at our disposal allows us to complete complex works to the highest specification and offer a fully integrated service under one roof. We employ a highly-skilled crew, with a unique array of capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

With these assets, we are perfectly equipped to provide effective, efficient and budget-conscious solutions. We are mindful of the financial implications and impact that one of our programmes can have on a business, so our management team meticulously plans and oversees each project to ensure its smooth, on-schedule completion. We use proactive methods to identify any potential issues or delays at a point where alternative action can be taken.


I believe that a ‘think outside the box’ attitude is often the key to solving our customers’ needs. It’s been my passion to use my engineering experience to deliver innovative solutions to challenging projects in an expanding field of sectors, while building a brand with a reputation for customer service excellence.

Managing Director, Christian Alexander